About Us

In August 2015, we saw the image of Aylan Kurdi, washed up on the beach in Greece. Like so many others, we were moved to help.

What began as a small collection in a flat in Watford grew quickly into an enormous and generous outpouring of help from the people of Hertfordshire that filled seven storage units. Here began our series of donation and volunteering convoys to Calais.

We’ve learnt so much since then: what to donate, how to donate, where volunteers are needed. Above all, we’ve learnt that the situation in Calais and Dunkirk (and at other camps in Europe) changes daily and we must respond to current needs.  We also support refugees in Lebanon, Syria or wherever the need arises.

We support new arrivals in the UK in their initial accommodation.  They often need clothes, hygiene products and a friendly welcome.

The refugee crisis is huge but you can help. From a tap of your phone to donate, to a weekend spent volunteering in Calais, you can change a family’s life. Imagine that.

Our Trustees:

  • Angus Clark (CEO)
  • Helen Furse
  • Susan Billington (Chair)
  • Mark Lampert
  • Flip Pike 
  • Salma Khanum
  • Kayleigh Thorpe